Jessica F.

In by Gold Encompass

I’ve known Anthony for ten years now. Originally he taught me a beginners to mastership energy healing modality that is very powerful that I continue to use present day. It’s been many years since I’ve had the opportunity to experience his work again. Last week I received an angel healing from Anthony at his beautiful and clean office in Irvine near the airport. Clean environments are important to me when I’m doing healing, so I wanted to emphasize that. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but since I already knew Anthony does quality work I wasn’t worried. He has always held himself and others to high standards. He thoroughly went through the process with me before he began and gave me examples of what to expect. He has done hundreds and hundreds maybe thousands of these healings by the way, I was shocked at his filing cabinet. He knows his craft extremely well. We did the angel healing and to my surprise it was way bigger and more detailed than I ever could imagine. It made logical sense all along, but it was also on a level of spirituality that I’ve yet to experience. He helped clear my body and soul of a lot of toxic and dark influences. I felt the most difference the following day, I noticed that my thought process was different, my body felt lighter, I was able to productively do things I normally put aside and make excuses for, I was able to feel things more humanly and rationally and just basically be more in tune with my natural self. I can’t help but to feel everyone needs to experience this type of work, it’s a high level but also simple and Anthony has the key to help us move to the next level. Well worth the time, energy and effort to see him. You’re life can only improve with this modality.