Belle S.

In by Gold Encompass

If Anthony has shown up in your life in a time when you just want to feel more in control, take it as nothing less than a divine intervention. I had an Angel healing session with Anthony when everything in my life seemed to be going wrong. I was car-less, I had low income and an unstable part-time job, I was facing threats of eviction and had to move out immediately, and on top of that I was grieving the loss of my brother who had died from a heart attack a few weeks prior. After doing Angel Clairvoyance however, huge shifts have happened in my life. My living situation is now stable, peaceful and comfortable. I have a new job and increased income. I attracted the exact car I wanted fully paid for and I have healed from my brother’s death. Angel clairvoyance has permanently removes energy blocks that were holding me back and has positively changed my point of attraction. Instead of attracting tragedies, I now attract circumstances, situations, and people that bring me closer to my dreams. I am growing, I feel luckier and more in control and tangible evidence of the power of this mode of healing continue to unfold in my life. I feel really blessed to know Anthony to have experienced the power of Angel Healing.