Sophia L.

In by Gold Encompass

From my experience with other Hypnotist & healers, Anthony is super evolved at what he does. I went to Anthony for help with anger issues and as well for not allowing annoying people to bother me as much. Since working with him I have been much more relaxed in my interactions in frustrating situations. I’ve also been less Angry and reactive. He has been doing what he does for a longgg time and it shows in his confidence and command of the sessions. I never thought I could be hypnotized but sure enough, like “presto” and it was easier than I had built it up to be. P.S…. He also works with Angels, like literally! And I was always more of a worldly person in regards to spiritual stuff… Without me telling him about certain details and things going on with me in my past, the scan reading and process with the Angels is spot on with the details about your life and inner self that needs to be brought up and addressed. Most importantly it causes very deep seated changes about the problems at hand…. The session had a bit of a religious tone because the words “Angels”, “God”, and “The Creator” is being used quite a bit, but regardless, I felt so much lighter and it has helped me to really change in ways that were big problems for most of my life… Some things I didn’t think I’d ever be able to change or get over… the Angels and Anthony helped me shift and bring a real difference in my life. If someone out there has any serious or even just small issues they need to work out… go have sessions with him. He’s a very caring and loving person but also kinda serious and very focused about his process, but all in all – easy to talk to and he is a great listener. The guy is gifted, if you need a Hypnotherapist or a real healer (who works with real life Angels, it’s not cards or anything like that) go meet this person and do some sessions.