• Throughout my early life, into my teens, I had three separate occasions with Angels which came at very crucial moments. Angels have been closely guiding me through perilous situations since I was born in Venice Beach, California, to a single runaway mom in her early 20’s, addicted to hard drugs. Her demons of addiction had her behaving like a heathen on a mad women’s mission. I was there by her side until she had to throw in the towel around 5 years old and my aunt and uncle agreed to step in to raise me. 

    As a youngster, I was very introverted and shut down from the challenges of my first years. At around 7 years old I was depressed deeply. It was at this time I had my first experience with an Angel. This was an audible experience of reassurance and peace, that helped me through a time when I didn't want to live. This one day as a child I truly contemplated not wanting to be alive and what followed was I heard a voice say “Tony this isn’t your last day here.” The experience came with a resounding peace and settling of my heart. I remember moving forward from that day and still to this day, even after going through a very challenging life following, always wanting to be alive. 

    My other two early life experiences with Angels came as a teenager. One of which was an intervention, occurring at an extremely vulnerable time where I was in dire need of help.

  • Image by Glenyss Bourne

As I proceeded into and through my twenties, I found myself on a dedicated spiritual path. This involved very concentrated training with mentors/teachers who took me under their supervision. I also became a devout student of teachings of esoteric Christianity, in the path of reunion with God. I was deep into studies in metaphysics and the healing arts, though *none of it was pertaining to Angels. 

By my early thirties, I had completed training at a college for clinical hypnotherapy and was eleven years into my other studies in energy healing. I had developed a professional practice and had a full clientele.

Around my 33rd birthday, my client base had taken a massive dip and I began to worry if I was on the correct path. For my 33rd birthday, I decided to have a hypnosis session done on me to help me address the matter at hand. I decided to work with a hypnotherapist I had past experience with working with in the past successfully. The agreed-upon direction for the session was inner child work; having nothing to do with Angels.

Once I was deepened into hypnosis, she began the suggestive therapy. Around two or three minutes into the suggestive therapy, unbeknownst to her, I began to feel a series of undulating waves beginning from my feet moving all the way up through into the top of my head - wave after wave after wave. I took close notice of this in that I had never experienced this type of thing previously during hypnotherapy sessions in the past -- matter of fact, I had never experienced anything like that feeling ever!

The next thing I knew, while laying there, eyes closed in hypnosis, was in my field of vision a Being appeared. This Being had a light golden yellowish robe with wings furled down along the side length of his body with mid to longer length silverish whitish hair. He had eyes, which seemed as if they were like mini Suns, yet when I tried to look him directly in the eyes, he wouldn't let my direct focus into them. The next thing I knew this Being said: "Hello, my name is Azrael, I've come here to tell you, not to worry, we have been preparing you for many years for very important work which you will be doing in the near future.” All of this was happening unprompted and unexpectedly.

Azrael then began to show me the sequence of teachers, mentors and learning guides that had been brought into my life since my teens through my twenties. Once this all had been shown, there I was again looking at Azrael. Again I attempted to look into his Sun-like eyes of Light, and again I was kept from doing so. Tears were gently running down my cheeks while I lay there witnessing this. I had never heard the name Azrael existed.

  • Image by Glenyss Bourne

  • Throughout all of this, my hypnotherapist's voice and suggestions she was giving me had faded out. I had not heard her once from the point Azrael arrived and had begun to introduce himself. The next thing I knew, Azrael was gone, and my hypnotherapist was wrapping up the final part of the session and beginning the process of counting me out of the state of hypnosis. My hypnotherapist had no clue what had taken place there. When I came out of the state of hypnosis, I was humbled.

    Later that day I began to research a reference guide about angels and discovered, sure enough, there was an Angel named Azrael, and he was an Archangel, and that he was the patron Angel of counselors and the Angel responsible for souls being guided from the earthly realm to the spiritual realms upon passing away.

    It was around a year later after this where I met my now mentors, who Azrael had mentioned, who they had originally revealed and presented this method to.

    Upon doing a treatment session with my mentors, I was told that the Angels said I was to be learning this work. Up to that point, they hadn't taught the work.

Shortly after their trip to Los Angeles, my mentors contacted me and informed me that they would be teaching their first intensive level class/workshop and that I was invited up to Oregon to take the 14-day training! 

Since the completion of my training in 2012, throughout the years of assisting the Angels, I have had the honor to assist them in expanding upon the method/modality through my hypnotherapists lens. I have witnessed the Angels working with people through multitudes of presenting issues and themes, session after session over the years. It is my humble honor to assist them and to have participated in them helping my clients so far. 

My Early Life Spiritual Influences

I was raised in the Methodist Christian Church where I had a strong foundation of learning spiritually and it helped me cultivate the desire to learn more. At 11 years old while visiting my grandmother once she took me to a bookstore and had me pick out any book I would like and the one that I gravitated to and wanted was a book by Edgar Cayce, the sleeping prophet. This was a quite advanced book for my 11-year-old mind but I remember being obsessed with it and reading it through even if I could not understand all of the words being used. As I grew I remember being very thirsty for understanding and really enjoying the Church. I especially remember wanting to know what came before God The Creator, what Created God, it was mind-bending to me, and still is that one question, in sorts that remains a beautiful mystery, what was before God in the beginning of existence? 

Being raised in the Christian Church very much helped me to establish my core connection to understanding God as the Maker of All. It was later in my life that I learned the truths within Christianity and how it applies to our eternal Spirit and connection to The Creator of All, as Its child.

As my life proceeded forward into my teens, I took the early life path of psychedelic shamanism during my teens. In that, I was shown in very dramatic firsthand experiences the difference between the forces of Light and Darkness, in existence. I experienced psychic attacks/ attempted possessions of dark spirits. On one occasion, through a moment of extreme fear and repentance, I experienced an Angel respond to my prayerful plea, and remove a dark spirit from within me. To say the least, this situation was soul-shatteringly out there and is the first time ever experiencing dark astral forces. It was as well, the first time I had ever seen and heard an Angel, with my eyes open. This would be one of many experiences which helped introduce me to the reality of entities and the astral dimension.

By 20, after getting into quite a bit of trouble in my teens, I asked God to please help me change my life, and by 21 I made a 180-degree turn. I left the world of renegade shamanism and I changed my life to studies of spiritual scriptures, meditation, our inner nature, and how to heal the body through nutrition, fasting, and natural foods. I would proceed to design my life to support the growth of spirit, Self-realization, and growing closer to The Creator.

Beginning in my early 20’s, many mentor teachers took me under their wing for my training in Cosmic consciousness, Christ consciousness, and the energy healing arts. I became a vegan chef while training and studying the healing arts also. 

Through most of my twenties, I lived a very austere life of celibacy and inward focus on spiritual studies and my meditation practice.