Anthony is a committed and caring soul, grateful to assist whomever is brought to him to help. His training and exposure to matters of an astral nature began in 1997, leading to mentor-based training and self-studies for 15 years through his 20s and 30s.

Anthony loves God wholeheartedly and does his work with sincere gratitude, reverence, and respect to the Angels. As someone who has dedicated his life to his gifts, he represents his craft with a dedication to excellence and an awareness of the nuances that go into healing of the Soul-Mind-Body connection. 

Anthony’s first encounters with the Angels began at 7 years old when he discovered the ability to hear them speak. Throughout his life growing up through his teens into his thirties, Anthony experienced detailed first-hand extrasensory encounters with Angels. One of which was a visitation from an Archangel named Azrael on his 33rd birthday, which foretold of the work he assists Angels with today. 



In addition to his work assisting Holy Guardian Angels, Anthony is also a longtime student/teacher of the principles and initiations of Christ consciousness and Self-realization. 

Anthony has established more than 15,000 hours of clinical experience throughout a 11-year full-time professional practice as a practitioner in the Healing Arts.

 Anthony’s dedication to expanding his craft continues to grow and strengthen, year after year -- and that continues.

Anthony is also an honors graduate from the first accredited school for hypnotherapy in the country, the Hypnosis Motivation Institute.