Veronica M.

In by Vanessa Schwinn

I was recommended Anthony and Angel Healing by a friend. I had never had angel healing before and at the start of the session I was very nervous, however, Anthony was incredibly reassuring and kind, clearly explaining the entire process. In fact, he explained that during the healing negative energies would be removed and that these may be currently manifesting themselves as anxiety.

The joint meditation on happiness was a lovely experience and made me very aware of the importance of tapping into happy memories more regularly for the positive effect they have on how we feel.

The feedback from the angels was extremely insightful and Anthony explained everything very clearly and again with kindness and support. There was a lot for me to process and think about and it did feel a bit like a wake-up call, things I knew but had done nothing about not realising the impact it was having on me. It has been 3 weeks since my session and I do feel the positive impact taking shape. As explained, it is a slow process, but I do feel a shift and like I am coming back to myself. Thank you, Anthony and the Angels.