Shara P

In by Gold Encompass

Had my first Angel Healing last week and Anthony is amazing! I say first because I will definitely be coming back for another session to deal with another issue. Anthony communes directly with the Angels to get accurate information about me and the type of healing I needed. I was amazed at how on point he was with my analysis. This week I immediately felt lighter, and more energized. For the past couple of months I have been feeling very tired and had low energy. That has changed tremendously, I even started back working out again after about a month of being on break. I have also been more productive, completing tasks that I had been putting off for months. I am not sure if this spark of energy and productiveness is because of the healing, but I know I feel stronger, more powerful, more clear, more present, and happier. This election has had zero effect on me. In fact the morning after the election I woke feeling refreshed, happy, and energized. I am lighter and handling stressful situations in a much more loving way with great ease. Thank you Anthony! I look forward to what the coming weeks have in store as my healing continues to unfold. What a beautiful process!