Paige M.

In by Gold Encompass

I survived a childhood of abuse. At fourteen I ran away and began my healing. I sought out modalities and teachers constantly, from plant medicines to energy work to standard psychotherapy to hypno to psychiatry, and I worked diligently to heal my body and spirit, my mind and heart. After I left my fiancee in a dramatic explosion of heartbreak and terror, I lost my entire grip on earthly reality. I lost my home, my jobs, my place in the community, my daughter and the last shreds of my confidence. I knew it was all part of my path, but it shook me at my very core. I knew that this was the moment to truly become, but I had no idea how. Then Anthony walked in to my life. I could immediately sense this man’s sensitivity and depth. He had a kindness and gentleness about him that comforted and inspired confidence. I felt safe; I felt seen; I felt loved. After years of therapists – some bad, some decent, some good – I knew I had met a healer, a person who connects the inner divine to the physical world, an intuitive. When he informed me that he had become certified in the most holistic and effective therapeutic form he had ever encountered, I Decided to let him try to help me. I admit, I was skeptical. My spirit was crushed, my body sore, my mind ran wild – like untamed mustangs, as dear Anthony says – and only my good, strong heart kept me present in this world. I had spent thousands of dollar bills and hundreds of hours in offices doing everything from the most standard counseling to the most esoteric practices. I did not expect results, but I trusted this man and if he said he thought he could effect change, then I would give him a chance. When I arrived at his office, I was even more leery. He had me stand across the room. We had no contact. He asked me no questions. He whispered and moved about and I really tried to take it seriously, but that wild mind verged on hilarity and I ached from standing. Then we sat down and Anthony diagrammed what he had been shown. I was flabbergasted. He pinpointed dozens of events that he had no way of knowing. It was like he was psychic. But, there was a further depth that went beyond what even I was aware of, or able to admit to myself. It was like he was watching me with the eyes of God. Then, one by one, he asked me if I wanted to clear these traumas and I said yes. That was all I had to do – just say yes. Anthony and the Angels handled the rest. In the next seven months, I went through the most dramatic shift. I dropped in deep. I began to move, at a rapid pace, through all of the layers of my own soul existence. I became cognizant of my subconscious, and the connections between past wounds and present suffering. It might be hard for you to believe, but I felt the angels with me. I felt a constant presence that seemed to shine light into my shadows and show the way with in the dark moments. I felt hope. For my second session, Anthony asked me if there was something specific I would like to work on. I said I’d rather leave it open, but I realized what I really wanted was to ask the angels for my divine partner. It was my feelings of unworth that made me hesitate to ask for what I truly wanted. I stood across the room and Anthony went through the motions, and we sat down to discuss. Guess what? The session centered on partnership. When Anthony left the room for a moment, I closed my eyes in reverent gratitude. I hadn’t even had to mention it and the angels gave me what my heart longed for most. Something huge is happening with this work. I believe it is present at this time on Earth in order to recreate the loving fear-free atmosphere that harbors our highest selves. I believe it has come to heal us all. I believe that this particular work is essential in saving our planet, because, really, the only way to save the world is to save the self, one being at a time, in the name of love. And, today, on my daughter’s thirteenth birthday, I have a beautiful historic house, an office, a career that is aligned with my path, four jobs, the respect of my community, confidence and self-worth. Today, because of Anthony and the Angels, I am Beloved. So are you.