Noorha M.

In by Vanessa Schwinn

Anthony Torres came into my life last year, when I was going through a lot of suffering and trauma in life including negative energies/blocks and sense of being harassed by negative beings. He clearly understood my problems and offered to kindly work through them with me. He always supported me with kind words but also in a brotherly way kicked me 😛 when I wasn’t in my best of lights. I am grateful to Anthony for helping, supporting and guiding me as a good soul during my challenges. I highly recommend Anthony Torres for his spiritual work and his abilities to help people who are suffering or are looking for answers in the spiritual realm. Thank You Anthony Torres and all the Angles, Archangels and everyone from the spiritual realm that worked with him to heal me. May the Creator bless you all with abundance of Love, Peace, Good Health, Patience and grown your Power and Strength so that you may continue to serve the Universe. Lots of Love, Peace and Light to all.