Monica S.

In by Gold Encompass

I have been seeing Anthony Since December 2017. I had an iatrogenic brain injury from a medication that was given to me by my gastroenterologist. The recovery was traumatic and left me physically, mentally and emotionally disabled. I thought my life of 43 years was over. After spending thousands of dollars and several months going from specialist to specialist, I received a referral from a friend who had used Anthony services for hypnotherapy. I was so desperate at this point that i made the call and after speaking with him over the phone I knew this person could help me. I made an appointment soon after. Anthony was extremely thorough and listened to all my concerns. He spent 3 hours with me obtaining my history and doing an initial evaluation. He educated me on my condition and constructed a plan that would consist of nutritional, therapy and alternative healing. Within weeks I was starting to see the improvements. He was extremely attentive and would message me daily in between sessions to check on my progress. Never did he ask me for money or charge me for these extra services. He truly does it out of the goodness of his heart and his dedication to his work. I have never met anyone like him and am truly blessed and grateful that he took me on as his client. It has been 14 months now and I am almost healed from my horrible experience. Anthony has been with me every step of the way seeing me through my ordeal and giving me the tools and care that I need to fully recover from my ordeal and move on with my life. Because of him I have changed my lifestyle completely. This had been life changing for me and I truly feel that if it was not for Anthony I would have never made it through. I will forever use his services for as long as they are available and encourage anyone who is looking for guidance, healing, coaching, therapy or any alternative methods to conventional medicine to give him a call. He will change your life!