Melissa M.

In by Gold Encompass

I was dubious of hypnotherapy, yet battling an issue that pushed me to discovering Anthony. I thank my lucky stars everyday because he is incomparable and undeniably one of the best in his field nationwide!! Anthony instilled in me the valuable belief and confidence I needed to push through a very difficult time of my life. He shattered my self-limiting perceptions in ever so gentle and compassionate way, releasing fears and anxieties, and replacing them with crystallized goals that were constantly reinforced. He allowed me to see me as I could be, and then facilitated my getting there. Anthony is a master of his art – and I have only the highest of recommendation for him. Through his intelligence, vision and ability to cut to the truth, he will direct you towards the life that is your birthright, and give you the wings to be the person you are meant to be. He is worth 10x more than what you will pay