Megan H.

In by Vanessa Schwinn

Healing with Anthony Torres and the Angels has been a profound experience of expansion, clarity and love. I felt safe in my vulnerability and both comforted in Anthony’s gentle yet firm approach. With the assistance of the etheric realm, you are guided towards a higher understanding of your auric distortions and illusions. This is not to make you feel bad and wrong, rather, to illuminate your separation from the Creator/source and to course correct your connection  back to wholeness and love.
I have experienced quantum leaps in my process of higher awareness as evidenced in both my internal landscape and actualization of desires. Remember that transformation is typically subtle and begins in our energetic body.
The angels know the best timing for your system and if you stay open to the process, detach from the results and have unequivocal faith that you have called upon your inner knowing, to guide to Anthony and celestial team, then you will notice results much quicker.
After a few sessions, people were drawn to my energy as it felt uplifting and bright to them, which also resulted in high yielding opportunities that my system had previously repelled.
Colors become more brilliant when I stand outside in nature. I began appreciating things I would have previously dismissed. Like sunsets and brief pleasant exchanges with strangers.
I began to feel less charged around former emotional and mental triggers. Less reactionary.
With Anthony and the Angels, all things are possible and you will experience miracles.

I am excited for you and your journey into this healing modality!