Maureen P.

In by Gold Encompass

Deep understandings have come to the surface. What I had been struggling with for months and somehow it resolved itself. After this experience, I will definitely return to Anthony ANY time I need clarity. I have & will continue to recommend these angelic clearing sessions to both family and friends. Anthony’s work is more of a vocation than anything else. He truly gives from the heart. Thank you Anthony, I’ll be back! Although curious, I had NO idea what to expect when I went for my first Angelic Healing Session with Anthony. Taking that leap of faith with Anthony was easy. I trusted him. He is an ethical professional who asks God & the Angels to guide his sessions. His explanation before, during & after the process where enlightening to say the least. The angelic healing itself was an experience I’II never forget. There was this incredible energy in the room. Anthony was eerily correct. His initial claim of being 100% correct turned out to be a 1000% true. He was disclosing information to me only I knew. Since our session, l’ve noticed changes in me, both emotionally & psychologically.