Mariana G.

In by Gold Encompass

My deepest respect, love, and gratitude to the Angels, Clairvoyant Angelic healing, and Anthony. I feel incredibly honored to have experienced working alongside with Anthony during a few sessions. It was amazing watching the Angels move layer after layer from Illusion of disease. These healings are such profound journey of self discovery mapped out into symbols by the Angels and through Anthony’s third eye. I was amazed with how precise the information was laid out to each client piece by piece until all the pieces of the puzzle were put together creating such an eye opener to the client as if the veils that kept them from seeing their true essence had been lifted. I look forward to growing, serving, and continuously studying this Angelic modality reaching deeper levels of awareness, expansion, and consciousness that these powerful healings bring. Always having a connection with the Angels since a little girl, I have always known that it is my destiny and mission to heal myself and others. After much inner work and powerful spiritual retreats, I came to find this beautiful modality through Anthony who also assisted me with my own personal healing process, operating from the same level of love. I am Blessed to be a part of this beautiful journey and to humbly assist and serve humanity, the Angels,and the Cosmos while being alongside with an amazing healer -Anthony Torres.