Kristine S.

In by Gold Encompass

Hi everyone! I’ve know Anthony for 8 years and have seen his passion and dedication towards being a healing light in this world. His beautiful selfless soul truly wants for others to recognize and feel the most gain in their life. That’s his integrity alone. Then his talent and sensitivity to call upon angels for the purpose of healing all demons interfering with God’s path of light and love is unparalleled! He channels in direct source energy and vibration in a way that exposes anyone’s deepest pains, and then decomposes it so that stress may find freedom. He has been a blessing in my life journey from the multiple sessions I’ve received from him. And I look forward to continue working with Anthony and the angels for greater purpose on this beautiful earth whom needs our love, compassion, and care more than anything. We need an angelic miracle to save our essence of beauty and harmony together. Please if you need to unblock any stuck energy, call on Anthony to assist and guide you! Tell him Kristine’s message hit your heart. ? I wish you peace and so it is manifested through your true commitment to care.