Kristine S.

In by Vanessa Schwinn

Anthony’s work is unique and PROFOUND!!! Once the angels work through your pains and blocked energy in your body, you feel a sensation of release and freedom. It feels wholesome and peaceful. Anthony has an incredible talent to sensitively connect to the messages of the angels and channel their white light healing energy to those wanting to follow God’s path of love and light. The angels don’t like games so be prepared to expose your inner demons. Just remember, they want to cling to you, it’s up to your yin consciousness to LET THEM GO! If it only tangles you up, breathe in and release. ANTHONY will give you the BEST OPPORTUNITY to do just that. Find peace from the pain! Best wishes to all. May you be blessed by the love that exists for you. And May your passions keep a forward momentum to care for your life and the health of this earth. Kristine S.