Jad S.

In by Gold Encompass

I first was slightly hesitant to book a session with Anthony for hypnotherapy, but knew how rewarding as well as healing could be so. When I first went, Anthony educated me about how it works, and I felt very safe. After my first 3 hypnotherapy sessions I noticed an end to pains/ unresolved issues I had, and now felt happy and “myself” again the way I wanted to be, without having to waste years relying on “time to heal wounds”. Fast forward from my first 3 sessions and I now have been a client of Anthony’s for well over a year for various reasons related to hypnotherapy, the healing arts and angel healing, and even coaching. As far as Angel healing, that is one of the most profound and life changing experiences of my life. Simply a complete thorough healing. The Angels know best. Simply life-changing. Anthony goes the extra mile to check up on his clients, and ensures the desired results occur. He truly cares about your happiness, well-being, and has the best intentions with honesty and integrity. If you’re on the fence, simply just book your first session. You won’t regret it. 6 star rating.