In by Gold Encompass

Anthony Torres helped guide me toward a more abundant, balanced, happy and peace-filled life. He is a highly-skilled personal development coach who sincerely cares about his clients. He has a true calling which he honors with professionalism, respect and humility. When I first met Anthony in 2009, I knew I had blockages but had no idea how to clear them. I just knew that I felt stuck in choices and patterns that were negatively affecting my life. I also knew that I wanted, and deserved better. All of my sessions were both productive and goal-oriented, and many tools were shared to be used between sessions. I was soon able to break down those blockages with a clearer insight into dealing with life’s challenges and recognizing the power I had in creating the life of my desire. Anthony was always very generous with his time. He is a truly honorable man with a passion for moving his clients forward in realizing their own personal goals and dreams. I wholeheartedly recommend Anthony Torres to any person seeking a more fulfilling quality of life.