In by Gold Encompass

Anthony Torres, for as far as I know he is for sure a Human Angel. I am speechless, once again the Divine light proof of the power of GOD and the Angels, shows up in my life, to guide me and help me in my journey. As my journey of a healer, and helping others, I also need healing myself, each time I heal I advance more to my true Divine. Two weeks ago I was feeling something off, could not point and did not know what I needed, All I did was pray and pray to Jesus, the Archangels and GOD, for guidance and for protection. And give me signs or show me what is what I need to do.. Well today this amazing man, his name, Anthony Torres, All I can call him is A HUMAN ANGEL, did a healing on me. Before this I had to ask my angels if I could trust him, and if it was in the Divine plan, and they said a big YES!! they send him to me to help me heal what I needed to heal. As every true practitioner that respect everyone WILL, asked for my consent if he could do the healing, and I said YES. He knew nothing of my past, since I never talk about past negative events, he came back with the exact age, and what needed to heal, everything made sense. Including the fact I been having pain in some parts of my body that some of the blockages he pointed were dead on. WOW!!! Everything he told me no one ever ever has been able to tap into it, and I knew it, but did not know how to get rid of that.. But today he got it all out, he did the healing, and I know it takes time to feel it, but I already started feeling it, including the body pain is less. I AM SPEECHLESS!!! and GRATEFUL AND I THANK GOD FOR SENDING ME THIS AMAZING HUMAN ANGEL TO MY RESCUE. I recommend him 100% I believe everyone should invest in themselves, and going to him will be a big positive change in your life, and it will make you more of who you are, your true Divine, as per myself I know after this I will have more Divine Light Power to help better my clients, and move forward in my life with much more GOD’S light. Thank you Anthony Torres for being you.