Devon D.

In by Gold Encompass

Anthony has changed my life through Angel Healing! And let me tell you, that’s a pretty big claim coming from someone who went in a sceptic! I was not into anything “woo woo” at the time, but a friend gifted me a session so I figured why not? What followed COMPLETELY BLEW ME AWAY. I could literally feel the angels around me; first my body began to sway, I kept trying to stop it, but I couldn’t. After a while I had a sudden giant burst of energy go through my heart, and it was like the tears I had been holding back for the last 20 years just poured out of me. When we talked about what the angels had told him, it was more of my life on paper than I would have cared to admit, and some things I barely remembered. At the start of the session all he asked me was my name! This was NOT some trick. This was real. And I felt it on every level. Then when it was time for the angels to put the pieces back together, I felt it all. Literally. I FELT the heat rising through my feet and into my legs as I was re-grounded to my earth. I FELT as a lost soul fragment was returned, it almost knocked me off my feet! All of this was done with Anthony on the other side of the room from me! As the days and months went on and the session integrated, I changed drastically in many profound, beautiful, and positive ways. Needless to say, I have kept in touch with Anthony, and over the years have gotten several healings from him and the Angels. I am SO grateful that I have been brought to this powerful work! Do yourself a favor and just say yes to this. Your soul will thank you.