Debra Haden

In by Gold Encompass

Update: Currently I have zero pain in my shoulders and keep thinking it will return like it always did, and it doesn’t. I am also still a deep thinker and always will be, but my obsessive painful thoughts dissolve faster now, as I realize they are past reactions and do not need to be repeated as if they are present. Certain things roll off my back faster so to speak. Am sure I will notice more, as some things progress in a subtle way and it takes a bit to process. Thanks Anthony. Keep you posted. (3 weeks later) Update: Decision making is easier. Guidance is much clearer, I can decipher things that come up faster without self-doubt. When I am at the Braco events I can feel the energy much stronger. Some things are subtle at first and hard to put into words. But, I will do so here when I can. Blessings and thanks to you and all the angels you work with.