In by Gold Encompass

Anthony is like the Miracle Grow of self improvement, except you can’t find him at Osh. He’s really one of a kind. I came to him with a garden full of weeds which he gently removed and replaced with the most beautiful flowers. Flowers unique to me. Or if that’s a little too out there (which it is) I’ll say this… I’ve worked with Anthony for 7 years and I trust him to help me overcome anything from career changes, great or small, to moving through personal struggles (usually great). Regardless, I always walk away with a strengthened sense of confidence in myself and the tools, having been sharpened, to achieve everything I want. And sure enough, all my endeavors have been successful. I owe a great amount of my success to him and his work and I can’t wait to see what comes next. Whatever it is, I can go forward with confidence because I know he’s got my back… or front. Whatever’s necessary. Thank you Anthony