In by Vanessa Schwinn

I had come to accept that I had flaws in which the people who became close with me would simply need to endure. I was a lost cause…until I met Anthony. In just one session I saw results, and by the time I finished working with him, I was a changed woman! It’s amazing how something so simple can have such a dramatic impact on one’s well-being. Not only am I able to live with more clarity, but also his work has boiled over and is motivating me in other areas of my life. I left his sessions feeling elated and rejuvenated, eager to organize my life. Plus, he is so easy to talk to; I often needed to remind myself that I was speaking with my hypnotherapist and not my friend. If I had the funds, I would definitely continue seeing him forever because I honestly think he has the ability to turn me into a superstar. Also, I have the feeling that hypnotherapy is just one piece of himself that he has to offer.