Angela C.

In by Gold Encompass

I want to take a moment to make a shout out to my dear friend and healer Anthony Torres. I got together with Anthony after somehow stumbling across his facebook page. I saw that Anthony did several healing techniques including Clairvoyant Angelic Healing. At the time I couldn’t stop thinking about a trauma I experienced during those months and was suffering from physical and emotional heartache. It was to the point where I couldn’t do anything but cling to a pillow as I wept my sorrows. It seemed as though it was destiny for me to find Anthony because I desperately needed serious healing work in order to surpass this darkness that was consuming my being. So I did what I needed to—I got in contact with Anthony and arranged an appointment. As I was on the phone with Anthony the most magical thing happened, I had a pair of my spirit animals, two hummingbirds fly across my face and around my head, as they flew towards the sky. This was an obvious sign from the Divine that I was on the right path. When I met Anthony he explained in detail about his work before starting with our session. His explanations helped me relax and be at ease for any upcoming discoveries the Angels would find. Anthony then invoked the Angels to help guide him to address any blockages, themes, dysfunctional patterns, and current issues that needed to be cleansed from my being so I can be at my utmost best functioning self. Anthony asked for permission to aid and allow the Angels to clear each point that was addressed. I’ve had three different sessions since my first. Each session focused on different dimensions with different underlying issues. All of my healing work with Anthony has been incredible experiences. Anthony has been able to uncover some deep past wounds that I didn’t know still existed or that I had somehow forgotten about. Anthony has been able to know things about myself that only I would know, and has been able to give me a clean slate so I can be fully open to whatever the Universe and the Divine Creator has in store for me. After a session I always have a child like grin, have a case of the serious giggles, and feel the most purest form of happiness. My body feels at ease. Tensions are gone. My limbs are more flexible. My spirit feels like it is floating in eternal bliss. Since our sessions I have become more confident, strengthened my self-worth, rejuvenated my identity, have more creativity, have attracted the most amazing beautiful people in my life, have healed old torturous wounds, got in touch with my inner beaming goddess, and re-established a healthier relationship with men, including my own father. What Anthony is able to do in his work is fascinating and amazing. What Anthony does is out of complete love. I highly recommend everyone and anyone who has the desire to do some healing to go to my dear lovely friend. Anthony honestly and truly loves his work and when you are with him it shows. Thank you, Anthony, for being one of my Angels here on Earth.